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… a member of a team of professionals in precision engineering.

students and graduates

We welcome students and graduates of secondary schools and universities who are just starting out on their careers and we are happy to teach them.

experienced professionals

Age is no object.
More important are keenness and a sense of craftsmanship. We value employees who have gained practical experience over the years and are not afraid to put it to use in other situations.


Specialists and technologists who are able to keep abreast of trends and apply them in order to streamline the production process are essential for us.

We don’t differentiate. What we want is an interest in the craft and a willingness to pitch in.

In case you are interested in working in D2Manufacturing, please contact our HR Manager. 

601 131 780

The well-being of our employees is important whether they’re at work or have time off…

… so we offer them numerous benefits.

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